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What We Do

Cub Scout Pack 24 stays very active throughout the year with meetings, outings, service projects and advancement opportunities galore.  All parents of our scouts are invited to a planning meeting once a month where we discuss ideas and plans to continue the fun in the upcoming months. Below you will find a variety of descriptions of many of the things we do in Cub Scout Pack 24.

Pack Meetings
Each month during the school year we have a pack meeting where all of the families of the Pack get together to celebrate the achievements of our sons.  The boys are presented with awards that they have earned at their Den Meetings and Pack events over the past month or more.  Families are privileged to entertainment as their scout's creativity and expressive ability is displayed while skits, songs and presentations are performed in front of the audience by the Dens. The Pack Meeting is also a great time to gain information about upcoming events or outings. We try to keep the pack meetings to an hour, but sometimes they can run a bit longer depending on how many awards we have to give out and how long the game goes. 

Pack Meetings are held at the St. Phillips Catholic Church at the end of Mill St. in Dallas.  Usually on the third or fourth Thursday evening of the month at 7pm. See our Calendar for details and accurate schedules.

Den Meetings
Generally, the Dens (group of boys of the same grade level working on the same goals) meet to work on achievements toward their next rank or other awards.  Den Meeting times and places are decided upon by the families in the Den and the Den Leader (Uniformed adult) facilitates the meetings. Some Dens divide the load by having parents rotate in leading the meetings as they are able and comfortable.  Den Meetings usually consist of an opening ceremony (pledge of alleigence, or reciting of the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack), game or activity, a time of working on advancement, a snack and a closing ceremony. Den Meetings usually last an hour to an hour and a half.


Service Projects

Annual Events