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Youth Protection Training
- Each leader registered with Pack 24 is required by the Boy Scouts of America to take the official BSA Youth Protection Training at least once every two years.  Pack 24's Charter organization, St. Philips Catholic Church requires that the course be taken annually for everyone who works with youth in association with the Church.  The Boy Scout Youth Protection Training describes the policies and practices in place to protect our youth and adults alike from situations that may lead to accusations and misconceptions about what has occurred in any given situation.  Two deep leadership at all times and no private meetings between scouts and adults are the prime concepts in place to protect our sons and our volunteer leaders.  Follow the title link of this section to find out more about Youth Protection training and register to take the course.

Boy Scouts of America Training Opportunities - The Boy Scouts of America offer many courses both online and in person at training facilities to enhance the knowledge and abilities of uniformed leaders and parent volunteers to handle nearly any event that comes along. The online training courses are free, some of the in-person training have costs to offset the price of the venue, included meals, insurance and the like. The BSA offers some of the best outdoor and leadership training there is.  Follow the title link of this section to find out more about adult training opportunities offered by the Boy Scouts of America.