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Recent Events

Avenue of Flags Memorial Day Ceremony

Memorial Day May 28, 2012

Each Year on Memorial Day, Pack 24 is honored to participate in the Avenue of Flags Ceremony to honor our fallen heroes.  We set out flags on the veterens graves, help Boy Scout Troop 288 with the Raising of the Memorial Day Flag and then help to remove the grave flags after the holiday.  The boys gain a real sense of reverence for the spirit of the day.

The Dallas Kid's Inc Opening Flag Ceremony for Softball

Kids Inc Opening Ceremony

We were invited to perform the Opening Flag Ceremony for the local Softball league this year. The boys were super sharp and had a lot of fun performing this service.
The Pack 24 Pine Wood Derby 2012

Pine Wood Derby 2012


 Each year Pack 24 conducts a Pine Wood Derby. Those of you who remember Cub Scouts probably remember this even if everything else is a blur. Each boy and his adult partner work on shaping and imagineering a race car from a plain block of Pine and four plastic wheels. Win or win bigger, everybody has a ball at the Pack 24 Pine Wood Derby.
Basket Slough Hike



This year one of Pack 24's hikes was out to Basket Slough, a local wildlife refuge. The boys get to see all sorts of birds, including Bald Eagles, lots of wildlife and they get to earn a Belt Loop for hiking. The scouts had a great time and were tuckered out at the end of the day. Mission Accomplished!

Bottle Rockets



Each Fall, Pack 24 comes together to start the Scouting year with a BANG! We launch 2 liter bottle rockets powered by compresed air, water and a bit of extra weight added to the top. These things really sail! Come out and join us this year and see how high your rocket can fly.