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How to Join

Who can join?
Cub Scouting is open to any boy in the first grade through the fifth grade. If you and your son are interested in joining Cub Scouts, the best youth organization in the world, and live in or near Dallas, Oregon, feel free to contact us any time or just come on out and join us at any of our events or meetings.  If you plan to join us at an event, it is a good idea to contact us first just in case we need to change reservations or make sure that there are enough supplies and resources for additional participants. New and visiting families are always welcome and encouraged to join us.  The more the merrier!  To find out when the next Pack event or meeting is, check out the Pack 24 Calendar here.  If you do not live in or near Dallas, Oregon but like the idea of your son joining a local Cub Scout Pack, be sure to look to your local council office to find out about Cub Scouting opportunities near you.

What's it cost?
Cub Scouting is a fantastic deal!  Registration is only $15.00 per year per scout with an optional subscription to Boy's Life magazine for an additional $12.00.  If you as a parent wish to become a uniformed leader (hold an official position in the pack leadership), the pack will pay your adult yearly registration fee.

What about the uniforms?
A new uniform can cost between $40.00 and $50.00 if you buy it new. However, our leadership is always looking for good deals on uniforms and the pack collects used uniforms that the scouts outgrow to pass down to new and younger scouts. Most families do not wind up paying retail for a complete new uniform.  Also, while uniforms are encouraged, no boy will be turned away or mocked for not having one right away. If affording a uniform is a challenge for your family as it is for most of us, let one of the leaders know and we will work to assemble one for your son at little or no cost.

Other costs?
The Pack tries very hard to plan and organize activities that are NOT expensive to attend.  When there is individual cost for an activity, the pack usually pays for the scouts and uniformed leaders. If other members of your family want to attend these events, they will pay their own way. An example is that most years we have a swimming outing at the Dallas Aquatic Center that many of our families attend at the same time.  At this event, the pack buys the scout's admission while families pay for parents who are not uniformed leaders and siblings who want to swim. 

How does the Pack Pay for things?
Throughout the year, the Pack organizes and participates in several fund raisers to pay for things like; insurance, some of the food items required by certain Pack events, Scout's admission to certain activities, awards, reimbursements to parents and leaders who have out of pocket expenses to support the activities of the pack.