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Awards are a big part of what keeps the boys interested in Cub Scouting.  The Den Leaders strive to provide as much advancement opportunity as possible, but truthfully, an hour a week is just not enough time to get everything done in Cub Scouts that needs to be done for a boy to successfully experience all of what Cub Scouting has to offer.  Cub Scouting is a family organization and working at home on Cub Scout advancement is just fine.  In fact, it is highly encouraged.  Please feel free to work with your son at home to progress toward the next rank, achievement or other award that lies ahead. The only limitation is your son's age and grade.  1st graders will work on Tiger advancement, Second graders will work on Wolf, Third graders; Bear and fourth and fifth graders will work on Webelos advancement. 

The first award every Cub Scout earns regardless of age is the Bobcat.  Then they should be working on the age/grade appropriate rank requirements.

Click the links below to access the requirements for each Rank or award group.  The resulting webpage will be on the US Scouting .org web site and will open in a new window.  US Scouting .org is a wonderful resource for scouts and scouters that appears to have been an Eagle Scout service project. 

Wolf Requirments                             Second Graders

Wolf Arrowhead Electives                 Second Graders

Bear Requirments                             Third Graders

Bear Arrowhead Electives                Third Graders

Webelos Requirements:                   Fourth and Fifth Graders
    Compass Points Award

Academics Belt Loops and Pins         Any Cub Scout

Sports Belt Loops and Pins               Any Cub Scout

World Conservation Award               Any Cub Scout

Religious Awards                               Any Cub Scout